[En] Chapter 2.5: Presentation



Hi everyone ! Here is my blog. It was originally created for my friends and relatives in Belgium but I decided to write in English too. I don’t really think you are interested in knowing all the tiny details about my exchange, but maybe you would like to know more information about me, my travel and the differences between Australia and my home country.

So I decided to make a FAQ, to answer to most of the questions I have been asked since my arrival in Australia.

Enjoy your reading !

1# Does it bother you that we call you “Gus”

No, it’s OK. I can understand that my name may sound strange in English. Furthermore, I kinda like nicknames, so I think being called Gus is alright. And it reminds me of Gustavo Fring, from Breaking Bad (I freaking love Breaking Bad).

Another Gus

Another Gus


2# Where are you from?

I come from Belgium (not Germany or France haha 🙂 ). It’s a little country in Western Europe. Belgium’s not a part of France or anything, it’s actually a country as well as Australia, USA, France… But I admit that my homeplace is not really well known. Maybe some pictures below will be familiar to you!


The Atomium, our national monument


Manneken Pis, our other national monument


Not the best, in my opinion, but it’s the most known belgian beer overseas


Chips actually come from Belgium, even if lot’s of people call them “french fries”


Tomorrowland 2014


3# Which languages do you speak?

My native language is French. Belgium doesn’t have its own language, so people there speak French Dutch or German, depending on the region. I can also speak English and Dutch, but definitely not German..


4# How is your English?

It’s quite difficult to answer… I can read and write in English without too much difficulty. But listening to people and speaking to them may sometimes be really hard. The Australian English is not really the one we are taught at school. From time to time, some  of you may speak too fast for me, but don’t worry! my listening comprehension’s improving.


5# What are you doing in Australia?

I’m a rotary exchange student. Rotary’s program consists of doing a year abroad, in secondary school to discover an other way of life. For now, I’m doing my year eleven at St Joseph’s school. I will also do a part of my year twelve, before coming back in Belgium.



6# Why do you have to go to school?

Because my opinon (and Rotary’s) is that school is the best place to meet other young people. And I think it works, because I’ve really met lots of interesting people there. And discovering school of an other country is an enriching experience too.


7# What are you going to do after your exchange?

I will go to university, to do legal studies. I have finished school in Belgium, so the exchange year I’m doing now is like a sort of gap year.


8# Why did you want to come in Australia?

I don’t really know, I’ve always been attracted by your country. As a European, I see Australia as a mysterious – but modern – country. In my home country, the wide wild spaces are really uncommon, so I think the Australian landscapes are facinating. Additionally, you Australian people are worldwide known to be likeable people (it’s true, I’m not joking).


9# What are the main differences between Belgian and Australian school ?

The Australian school is way more “relaxing”. I wouldn’t say it’s easier, because it’s not, but the lessons are definitely more entertaining. The fact that we can choose each of our subjects is surprising too. In my school, we had only one kind of french lesson, geography, history, biology, chemistry, and physics were obligatory and we had to learn at least one foreign language.


10# Are you going to do some sport in Australia?

I have already tried football. I’m playing in the Marble Range’s team. For now, I just go to the trainings (and I’ve played during a few minutes, last match). I think I will be playing next season too. During summer, I don’t really know which sport I will play. Maybe basketball, but I would like to do something all new.


What do we want ? THE BALL


That’s all ! I hope you enjoyed your reading ! If you have any more question, don’t be shy ! Ask me directly at school, or inbox me.

Have a good week guys, thanks for the reading. 🙂




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